Mitral Valve Repair

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Mitral Valve Repair

Luis Castro, MD
Medical Director for Cardiac Surgery

“The mitral valve is an amazing biological structure – picture a beautiful ellipse that moves in three dimensions during all phases of your heartbeat. A healthy mitral valve is a miracle inside your heart. When a heart valve is diseased, surgery can restore it to its original dynamic shape and function,” says Dr Luis Castro, Medical Director of Cardiac Surgery.

The diagnosis of heart valve disease ranges from mild to moderate to severe. Depending on your particular diagnosis, you may never need any form of surgical intervention to maintain good health. However, many patients diagnosed with heart valve disorders require surgery.

Sequoia’s Heart and Vascular Institute has the best heart valve replacement survival rate in the nation and Sequoia’s operative results have made us national leaders in valve repair. Surgeons at Sequoia have performed thousands of valve operations over several decades. Survival rates for mitral valve repair are at 100%. “Finding a heart surgeon with a wealth of mitral valve experience is extremely important,” says Dr Castro. “Experience matters. Your life may depend on it.”

In experienced hands, the vast majority of patients should not require mitral valve replacement. Instead, they may only need valve repair. When the surgeon has extensive experience, the majority of mitral valve repair can be done safely through minimally invasive approaches. These types of minimally invasive surgeries include robotic assisted surgery, mini sternotomy and mini thoracotomy operations. Sequoia’s operative results firmly position the Heart and Vascular Institute as a leader in valve repair nationwide.

“I have spent the past 15 years dedicated to heart valve surgery with outstanding results. As medical director of cardiac surgery, I choose to practice at Sequoia where the team is outstanding and years of experience go into every single patient,” says Dr. Luis Castro.

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