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Cardiovascular Care in Northern California

In March 2015, our Heart and Vascular Institute entered into an affiliation with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute.

This affiliation is the first of its kind in Northern California. Together, Sequoia Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic will build on our respective records of excellence and bring the future of cardiac care to those we serve. But, most importantly it means that patients at Sequoia will benefit from an exceptional and unmatched level of heart and vascular care.

As an affiliate heart program, we can bring Cleveland Clinic education to your desktop or mobile device. To learn more about cardiac disease and treatments options, please review the educational material on the Cleveland Clinic site: Heart Disorders & Patient Education .

Sequoia Hospital ranks among the nation's leading providers of cardiovascular care. Why?

  • According to The Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database, the risk-adjusted survival rates achieved by physicians practicing at Sequoia are among the very best in the nation and have been for more than two decades.

  • Sequoia Hospital has achieved the highest quality ratings from the Society of Thoracic Surgery (STS) for the categories of Aortic Valve Replacement (AVR) and Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery (CABG). This is the highest rating given by the STS for these quality measures - three out of three stars.

  • Cardiovascular physicians at Sequoia have gained worldwide acclaim for pioneering technological advances that have contributed to the field of cardiovascular medicine.  This is why heart patients travel to Sequoia from all over California.

Why you should choose Sequoia for your heart and vascular care:

  • For the past 5 years we have been at the 100th percentile for aortic valve survival and mitral valve replacement survival, the 95th percentile for aortic/mitral + CAB, and the 95th percentile for valve volume.

  • Survival rates for the most complex surgeries – Sequoia performs 4 times the national average of complex cardiac surgery for patients who have undergone one or more previous cardiac operations. Many of these cases have at least double the risk of mortality of first time cases however Sequoia has no increased mortality. Survival rates remain the same despite the increased complexity.

  • Cardiac Arrhythmia Program – Our Cardiac Arrhythmia Program has completed over 3,400 atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) ablation procedures, making it one of the highest A-Fib ablation institutions performing ablations on the West Coast.

  • Excellent HealthGrades ratings – In 2015 rankings by HealthGrades, the leading independent health care ratings company, Sequoia was named one of America’s Best Hospitals for cardiac care, listed among the top 10% in the nation for overall cardiac services, and was a five-star recipient for treatment of heart attack. Sequoia was also a five-star recipient for treatment of heart failure for 10 years in a row (2006-2015).

  • Among the fastest emergency cardiac care in California – The American Heart Association recommends that hospitals provide emergency heart care within 90 minutes of hospital arrival, and Sequoia Hospital has met these guidelines 100% of the time. On average, heart attack patients requiring emergency care are being treated in our catheter labs within 61 minutes of hospital arrival, dramatically improving their chances of surviving a heart attack.

  • Minimally invasive techniques – Surgeons practicing at Sequoia have performed more than 2,000 operations through mini incisions and also do coronary bypass off the heart-lung machine on appropriate candidates. These techniques help to reduce hospital stay and shorten recovery times.

  • World-class cardiologists and cardiovascular surgeons – Sequoia is proud to work with two leading cardiology groups, Silicon Valley Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine and Coronary Intervention. Sequoia patients in need of heart and vascular surgery are seen by the nationally renowned heart surgeons at Dignity Health Medical Group, Sequoia

  • Sequoia Hospital is a designated Blue Distinction Center for Cardiac Care –  Blue Distinction Centers for Cardiac Care, designated by Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, demonstrate their commitment to quality care, meeting stringent clinical criteria developed in collaboration with the recommendations of expert physicians and medical organizations.


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